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Choose Professionals - Our Team is Ready for Action!

Our company is a team of qualified professionals ready to implement your projects.

✅ Team leaders: Leaders with experience who manage work on construction sites and ensure efficiency and safety.

✅ Welders: Experts in various welding techniques and materials.

✅ Fitters: Specialists in the assembly of structures and pipelines. Our teams of installers carry out projects ranging from small structures to huge facilities.

✅ Locksmiths: Versatile craftsmen who care about precision in every detail.

Our goal is to provide welding services at the highest level. Thanks to the qualifications and certificates of our team, we can meet the most demanding projects.

Qualified Personnel: Our teams are qualified welders who have TUV and PRS qualifications and certificates.

Safety and Quality: Our company places great emphasis on occupational safety and quality control to ensure durable and safe connections.

Industry Licenses: We have licenses in industries such as the petrochemical industry, energy and shipbuilding.


We provide certificates and training


Certified team


Satisfied employees